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Roof Hatch Safety Railings

PSM Roof Hatch Safety Railings are a sliding system guard rail to fit most roof hatches. PSM Safety Railings have a 24″ walk out safety zone for easy safe access and egress.

Roof Hatch Railing Pulley System

PSM’s Pulley System keeps workers in compliance with OH&S when pulling tools and materials through an open roof hatch. Most injuries have resulted by workers standing over an open roof hatch pulling tools up through the roof hatch.

Skylight Safety Railings

PSM’s Skylight Safety Railings are powder coated yellow allowing high visibility when skylights are buried in the snow and create a potential falling hazard. A worker can easily walk over a skylight buried in snow which can result in serious injuries.

Quick Fit Grab Handles

PSMs make it safer for access and egress.