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Welcome to PSM Roof Hatch Railings Inc.

An open roof hatch can be a hazard and a potential accident site. Roof hatch safety railings protect workers from falling through an open roof hatch.

PSM Roof Hatch Safety Railings Inc. roof hatch railings are engineered and designed with a fully adjustable sliding system (patent pending) to fit most roof hatches without premeasuring.

Unlike any others, our roof hatch safety railings are engineered and designed to allow a full 24 inch walk out safety zone for safe access and egress making them arguably the safest railings available on the market today.

As our video demonstrates, service technicians working on roof top units and people working on the roof generally pull light tools and material through an open roof hatch which is extremely dangerous and in violation of OH&S safe work practices.

PSM’s pulley system attachment provides a safe method of pulling up tools and materials and keeps workers in compliance of OH&S safe work practice.


  • Fully adjustable roof hatch safety railing
  • Fit any standard roof hatch up to 54 x 48” without pre-measuring or cutting
  • Instructions for easy installation
  • Designed with walk out safety zone for safe access or egress
  • Engineered to meet OH&S requirements
  • Self returning gate
  • Powder coated finish
  • Special order for roof hatches larger than 54”
  • Easy on-line ordering
  • Made in Canada

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